Together, we're bridging poor communication and language barriers, essentially to meet the global sustainable development goals (SDG) which can only be achieved with new digital technologies.

For instance, Africa has a rich culture and 2000+ languages in 54 countries. 63 percent of total Sub-Sahara’s population live in rural areas, they all speak in 2000+ languages in these regions. An increasing population of 1.3 billion people living in Sub-Saharan Africa, while 37 percent live in urban areas, these 63 percent of people living in rural areas do not have access to global markets.
By 2060, the population of sub-Sahara Africa could be as large as 2.7 billion people.

Use Cases

Our Priorities & Focus

Job Creation

In the next 15 years, Africa & Asia continent need 600 million jobs for young people.

Local Innovation

AI/LAB or Hub across Africa, with the goal of promoting great digital transformation.

Good governance &
human rights

Rule of law, human rights, sustainable economic opportunity & human development

Equal Opportunity

Digital access to global market, education & healthcare for people in rural/urban areas


Our digital solutions offer many opportunities for refugees: Those with smartphones.

AI/MT for Development

Provisioning of non-discriminatory language data modeling & opensource AI technology.

Media and Communication

Provide technology to improve communication among people in rural and urban areas.

Profit and Non-Profit

Business owners adopting an effective strategy for getting past the language barriers.

Artificial Intelligence and
Political Framework

An appropriate political and regulatory framework for: voting transparency, accountability.

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