"Redefining what professional subtitling software can do with African languages".


TVLang redefines what professional subtitling software can do! World-class TV, Digital Cinema, DVD and Blu-ray subtitle preparation software. Powerful conversion tool for almost any known file format.

We are devoted at producing 2000+ African language subtitles for the most popular authoring systems in both SD and HD resolutions.

You can prepare Open/DVD, Teletext and Digital Cinema subtitles compatible with most standards:
  • PAC, 890, EBU, SAMI, CineCanvas XML, SMPTE 428-7-2007 XML, and more.
  • We support any type of resolution – from SD up to 4K.
  • Multilanguage support for Western, Central and East European and 2000+ African languages.
  • Export to numerous subtitle formats including BDN/OFS for 3D Blu-ray authoring and Digital Cinema.
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